Easy Booking Online With LBC
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is online cargo booking?
Online cargo booking is a convenient way to schedule your cargo transactions online.

2. Why is it more convenient to use now?
Our online booking offers new features such as:
• Online Booking
• Online creation of Packing List
• Pre-payments option available now

3. I live outside of your pick-up zones, can I still book online?
Yes, the LBC Shipping Wizard is a step-by-step process that will be helpful, and will automatically recognize your address if you are out of our pick-up zone. You have that option for your cargo to be picked-up, from wherever you are located in the U.S.

4. Are the cargo fees higher than shipping from a branch or warehouse?
No. The shipment cost will be based coming from your nearest LBC warehouse. However, there will be charges with UPS who will pick-up from your location.

5. How do I print a UPS shipping label?
When you reach step 4,Print Label will help you print your shipping label that you can attach to your box. Make sure you attach the corresponding shipment label on each box you are sending out.

6. Does your UPS shipment costs higher than if I ship it myself via UPS ?
No. We do not charge any add-on cost if you use our online tool to include UPS pick-up.

7. Who schedules the UPS Pick-up?
You can schedule the pick-up at your own convenient time by calling 1-800-742-5877, or through their website at www.ups.com

8. I need another copy of my UPS label, can I go back and reprint it?
Yes. Go to My Transactions History and you can access your label and print from there.

9. Is there a maximum weight limit for sea cargo boxes?
For now, you can send up to 70 lbs.

10. What is the benefit of creating the Packing List Online?
You can prepare, edit or remove your packing lists ahead of time until you are ready to order. All your packing lists are also saved in your account so you can use it again if you are shipping the same contents on your next shipment.

11. Is LBC, BOC compliant?
Yes, we are happy to announce that LBC are always compliant with BOC rules and regulations.

12. How do I pre-pay my cargo transaction?
When you reach the third step,Make Payment , you will be asked to fill out your card information.

13. What cards do you accept?
• Visa
• Mastercard

14. I realized it is cheaper for me not to use UPS from my location, can I just send it to the nearest warehouse and enclose a check?
We apologize but we are not accepting mail-in cargos at this time.

15. Will my air cargo shipment go through inspection?
For the standard TSA compliance, your air cargo shipment will be inspected as we do in our branches, and sealed with our security seal. For any issues or concern regarding any of your shipments, we will contact you before we proceed to final shipment.

16. What other features that is now available to you?
• Transaction History
Continue your transaction from where you left off. Check all your online transaction history. Reprint your labels from here.

17. I have other questions, where can I email my concerns?
For more information about online cargo, please email us at customercare@lbcusa.net